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McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2011 Review

McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2011 3-User McAfee is in a constant battle with Norton to be the dominant company when it comes to antivirus software. They have been fighting to dominate the market, offering new features and better programs every year. Up until now, it seemed to be neck and neck, but with McAfee Antivirus Plus 2011, McAfee seems to be pulling ahead a little.

Antivirus Plus 2011 is McAfees fully featured antivirus software suite. It covers your computer from every angle and keeps you safe wherever you go. From identity theft to firewall protection, Antivirus Plus 2011 does it all.

McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2011 Features

  • Vastly improved 2 way firewall – keep people with malicious intent out of your personal files and keep your computer safe
  • Easy operation – there has never been an antivirus suite that is easier for your average computer user to use than Antivirus Plus 2011
  • Faster scans – Antivirus Plus scans your computer 328% faster than last years edition, causing fewer interruptions
  • Easy installation – installing Antivirus Plus takes only a few clicks, even on Windows 7!
  • Improved scheduling system – Antivirus Plus 2011 can be scheduled to do scans and updates when you are not using your computer, so you won’t have to deal with lag or any other slowdown related issues.

McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2011 Reviews Summary

Most of the time when you look at the reviews for a product from a major manufacturer like McAfee, the reviews are all over the map. But, in the case of McAfee Antivirus Plus 2011, they seem to be pretty positive all around!

Many users enjoyed the simplicity of this program and how it ran in the background, causing almost no interference. It is nice to know that you are being protected, but the last thing you want is a piece of software popping up every 5 minutes saying you need an update. Installation was very easy, changing options so this software is set up for your specific needs was a snap, and everything just seemed to work well!

Surprisingly, there were almost no negative reviews of this product posted. That is rare for a piece of software as popular as this, so it must mean it works quite well. Of the negative reviews, you had your generic “this product doesn’t work with Windows 7” review, but you will find that with almost every software product on the market. It is a problem with Windows 7, not the McAfee product. Some other people stated that it popped up too often to state that their computer was at risk, but isn’t that what you want your antivirus software to do? If it didn’t, it wouldn’t be doing its job. Overall, the negative reviews that were posted shouldn’t really dissuade you from purchasing this product.

McAfee Antivirus Plus 2011 seems to be one of the most liked antivirus products of this year. McAfee always makes great products, but when you compare it to this years offerings from Norton, you will see that it may be pulling slightly ahead. You can’t really go wrong if you purchase this product for your computer!

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