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Norton Internet Security 2011 Review

Norton Internet Security 2011 - 1 User/3 PC The Internet is a dangerous place – almost everyone knows that. There are malicious websites that try to install spyware on your computer, there are merchants who try to take your personal information unknowingly, and there are websites that can have a bad influence on children or young teenagers. It can almost take the fun out of using the Internet! But, the engineers at Norton have done it once again, offering a software suite that will protect you from all the aforementioned issues and more!

Norton Internet Security 2011 offers many improvements over previous versions. Most of the features are similar, but they are now easier to use and work better in general. This years edition is even less resource intensive than last year, so you won’t experience any lag issues or slowdowns when you are running this software in the background. It also features a redesigned interface that makes it easier to navigate and get to the tools you need without having to search through lots of different menus and options.

Norton Internet Security 2011 Features

  • Requires fewer system resources to run smoothly – this years edition is so lightweight, you won’t even be able to tell it is running in the background.
  • Pre-scans Sites to keep you safe – if you arrive at a website or a web store that Norton deems to have malicious intent, it will inform you before it is too late!
  • Improved scanning capabilities – makes scanning files quicker and more efficient by identifying at risk files and prioritizing them.
  • Keep your kids safe with parental controls – manage, track and receive notifications based on your childrens Internet activities. You can never be too safe…

Norton Internet Security 2011 Reviews Summary

Overall, as with almost every Norton product, the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. Almost everyone who uses a Norton product once becomes loyal and upgrades when a new version comes out, so that says a lot about the quality of the product.

Most people comment about how effective the product is in protecting their information and making sure that no malicious software is unknowingly installed on their computer. They also liked the feature that warns them about online sellers who have a bad reputation or who are not totally trustworthy.

There are some people who are unhappy with this package though. This is completely understandable, as when you have so many people using it, there are sure to be some unsatisfied customers. A lot of people had issues with installing this software on multiple computers, the different pricing models, and other technical issues that didn’t allow them to get the most out of this software suite. Some of this is understandable, as buying multiple licenses or specific upgrades online can be a little challenging. But, these are issues that a simple call to the Norton technical support line could solve in no time.

If you are looking for a software suite that will make you feel safe when you surf the Internet and protect you from all the dangers the web presents, Norton Internet Security 2011 is the software for you. No other company is more popular when it comes to computer security and virus protection than Norton – it is always a good idea to stick with the best!

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