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Norton Internet Security 2012 Review

February 11th, 2012 | Symantec | 0 Comments

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An unprotected home PC can survive a maximum of 12 seconds before it will get infected by viruses, cookies, trackers, password sniffers, keyboard loggers, Trojans and logic bombs. Symantec has been the topmost antivirus software company, providing full protection to home and corporate users from virus attacks of any sort, and it’s latest, Norton Internet Security 2012 has received 4/5 rating from over 100 customers on and it retails for just $32.53.

Norton Internet Security 2012 Review Summary

The Negative

The biggest complaint that users have with the Norton Internet Security 2012 package is that it is not user friendly and extremely slow. The scanning process is at least ten times slower than the 2010 version of the same software. The email scan is even slower, almost twenty times slower than the last version. The automatic updates and quick scan cannot be turned off, and users find that when these are running checks in the background, the PC or the laptop becomes extremely slow and hampers productivity.

Another user reports that the Norton package is not compatible with some other software loaded on the PC like System Mechanic. If Norton is loaded, System Mechanic has to be removed. This user chose to throw away his newly bought Norton package and buy Mc Afee antivirus software, which has no issues of program incompatibility with System Mechanic. The pop ups are extremely annoying and cannot be turned off, something against which most users have a major grouse.

The Positive

This software package works well with Windows XP and Windows 7. Set up is easy, pay the subscription, get the activation code, just download from the Norton website and feed the activation code. If the user had a previous version of Norton Security, this package simply merges the old software. Security has been made easy as most tasks are automated. The user can tweak the system for more controls if required by going into the advanced settings tab. The software is very effective in stopping all malware and virus attacks.

The superb back-up support of Norton updates ensures that latest viruses are immediately neutralized before they can do any harm to the PC or steal any information. Before a user clicks on a banking site, Norton verifies whether the website is a trusted source by putting a tick which visually signals, that the site is a trusted Norton cleared site. This visual cue prevents the user from clicking on any fraudulent website out to steal passwords. Customers were most happy that the $29.99 price tag included not just one PC but three PCs.


Norton Internet Security 2012 is a good steady product, which does what it advertises, stop all antivirus attacks and prevents hackers and snoopers form accessing the PC or laptop. Users can safely operate their bank accounts or shop online without the fear of losing their credit card information or debit card information or passwords. The negative reviews that the software is slow are true, but then it is thorough and has an extensive antivirus library, which other faster antivirus software do not have. The issue of compatibility with other software is a drawback, which Norton must address. However, the software package compares favourably with antivirus packages in the market. Norton has a solid reputation for reliability and a $35.53 for three PCs is just to alluring not to be taken. We recommend this antivirus package for all Home users.

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